#NewEraPresenta: Andy Dalton, the Bengals tamer (4/6)


Far from the reflectors of the Brady or the Newtons, there is a man who works quietly and is in charge of moving the threads of the Cincinnati Bengals offensive. His name is Andy Dalton and is the protagonist of this fourth installment of the #NewEraPresenta documentary series.

At the start of his career as a collegiate player, Dalton earned his starting TCU quarterback just a couple of weeks before starting the season. With a little rookie accumulated by a rookie, the Katy, Texas native caught up with him to take the Horned Frogs to an 8-5 record and win the 2007 Texas Bowl.


Thanks to the quality of his arm, Dalton was on the rise and the following campaign guided TCU to the second site of the Mountain West Conference with a record of 11-2. Barely a year later he achieved a perfect regular season winning each of his 12 encounters, however his team fell in the Fiesta Bowl against Boise State.

2010 represented Andy's last year in high school and, therefore, the last chance to get the spinning that left not to have lost crown a perfect season the previous campaign.gorras-new-era-dalton-2

Dalton and TCU got it. Again they managed to finish unbeaten the regular season and on January 1, 2011, in Pasadena, California, they took the 21-19 win over Wisconsin at the Rose Bowl, culminating in a dream season that would finish opening the door to Dalton in the NFL.

It was the Cincinnati Bengals who made their services in the 2011 Draft, completing a 'scary' pair with the A.J. Green, who came to the team just one round earlier in that Draft.gorras-new-era-dalton-2

As a rookie, Dalton took the starting position and led the Bengals to a nine-game, seven-run campaign, accumulating a total of 3 398 yards per pass, 20 touchdown passes, completing 58.1% of their shipments.

From that moment, Dalton's career went up, getting double digits in the number of victories per campaign of the Bengals, until reaching the 2015, year in which it finished of taking off, completing the 66.1% of its sending and adding 3 thousand 250 yards per pass and 25 touchdowns despite not seeing action in three games thanks to a hand injury.


According to Forbes, Dalton is ranked # 57 of the highest-paid athletes of 2016 and undoubtedly every cent invested by Cincinnati's in him has been worth it.